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It’s time to regain control of your life. Whether you are the person struggling with addiction or a concerned family member or friend, you deserve peace of mind. The process of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol is long and complicated. Addiction can cost you your life, take away your happiness and destroy the strongest families. By the time you realize that you need to regain control of your life, the addiction has taken over and makes recovery feel hopeless. The good news is that there is hope, and we can help. If you or someone you know and love is struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues, please call or text us immediately. The first call is the hardest, but we can help you. Our highly-trained, specialized experts are here to help.



We consider active addiction to be a terminal disease. It is life threatening and can destroy everything and everyone you love. At Brighton Recovery Center, our experts will customize your treatment experience for your specific needs. Our treatment program focuses on reintegration into all aspects of your life, as it should be- healthy and sober. We base our treatment model on evidence-based practices and an intensive experiential component that offers a hands-on approach to learning and recovery. We agree with what Benjamin Franklin once said:
“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.”




At the Brighton Recovery Center, we understand that recovery means life. We are committed to staying connected with you throughout your journey- before treatment, during treatment, and after treatment. We know that people who stay connected to the recovery community have a much higher rate of success than those who do not. Your recovery starts with you and your decision to come to treatment. Your recovery is our goal at Brighton Recovery Center.

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Brighton Recovery Center is dedicated to providing world-class, personalized treatment to people who suffer from the disease of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.  We provide treatment that consists of a multi-faceted approach individualizing patient care around the physical, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, intellectual, and interpersonal challenges so commonly exhibited in the process of becoming addicted. We treat our patients and their families in an environment that promotes healing, strength, dignity and hope. The experienced and specialized staff at Brighton Recovery Center is committed to providing care that exemplifies professionalism and best practices.


Jonathan Saul
Jonathan Saul, CMHC

Founder | Executive Director

Jonathan Saul, CHMC is one of the founding partners of Brighton Recovery Center. Jonathan has spent over ten years in the mental health and substance use disorder industry with his work ranging from direct clinical care to administration and leadership.
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Hans Jenkins, DO

Medical Director Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

Dr. Jenkins is a Board Certified Addiction medicine Specialist and is the Medical Director of Brighton Recovery Center’s residential rehabilitation program in Ogden, Utah. Read More

Jenny Netto - Rehab Center in Utah
Jennifer Netto, LCSW

Clinical Director

Jenny serves as one of the Clinical Director’s at Brighton Recovery Center. Jenny has worked in various leadership positions in her career along with roles as a Therapist and Program Coordinator. In that time Jenny has gained experience with substance dependency, identity development, women’s issues, complex trauma and LGBTQ populations.

kamrin carver
Kamrin Carver, LMFT, CSAT

Clinical Director

Kamrin received his Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Weber State University, his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Argosy University and his advanced Addiction Training from the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals. He specializes in working with individuals and families struggling to free themselves from the harmful effects of addiction and mental illness.

Alisa Wood
Alisa Wood

UR/ Revenue Cycle Specialist

Alisa Wood, SUDC UR/ Revenue Cycle Specialist Alisa Wood has a deep dedication and passion for working in the field of substance use and mental health treatment. She attended The University of Utah to obtain her certification as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor and is presently furthering her education in Social Work. She has years…
Brett Blaser, DO

Medical Provider

Dr. Blaser is a skilled family medicine practitioner with an emphasis in addiction medicine. He is dedicated to serving the community and helping each patient return to full health. He was inspired early in life to become a family doctor after watching his family’s primary care provider help treat an older brother with muscular dystrophy.

Robyn Vaughan, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Robyn Vaughan MSN, APRN, FNP- C- BC is a nurse practitioner who is duel board certified by the AANP and ANCC in family practice.  She enjoys providing high quality care to her patients in primary care, as well as within the recovery care environment to promote personal wellness in body, mind, and spirit.  

Josh Hall - Addiction Treatment - Brighton Recovery Center
Josh Hall

Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing, Josh works directly with patients and their families with admissions to Brighton Recovery Center. He is passionate about doing all he can to make sure the transition to Brighton is as comfortable as it can be.

Whitney Larsen, LMFT


Whitney Larsen is a native of Canada but spent her teenage years growing up in the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah. She received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Child and Family Studies from Weber State University, graduating summa cum laude, and her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, magna cum laude.

Will Lindsay, TRS, CTRS

Licensed Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Will Lindsay has worked in the mental health field for 12 years, initially working with adolescents in wilderness therapy, residential therapy, and acute care settings. He has also worked with adults in acute psychiatric and residential settings.

Blake Hannon
Blake Hannon

Alumni Director

Blake is the Alumni Director at Brighton Recovery Center. He is passionate about creating a positive recovery community for Alumni through programming, special events, social opportunities and meaningful connections.

Cheyenne Liang
Cheyenne Liang

Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Cheyenne Liang is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Utah in Psychology and her Masters of Education with an emphasis in clinical mental health counseling degree from the University of Utah.

Erica Yaeger, TRS, CTRS

Recreation Therapist

Erica has both personal and professional experience in the field of addiction recovery. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2016 with a bachelors degree in Recreation Therapy. Currently, she is a Licensed Therapeutic Recreation Specialist through the State of Utah and holds a National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

Garrett Cimino
Garrett Cimino


Garrett Cimino is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has a passion for working with people and helping them address the underlying issues surrounding addiction such as trauma, grief and loss, and identity development. He also excels at assisting their loved ones to find a healthy path to balance support with their own level of self care.

Jared Raleigh
Jared Raleigh

Life Technician Supervisor

As the Life Technician Supervisor, Jared coordinates the needs of patients and staff to insure the best residential treatment experience possible. He is dedicated and passionate about providing a high level of care and enjoys creating a peaceful and healing atmosphere.

Jessica Gates

Admissions Director

Jessica Gates has been working in the mental health and substance abuse field for over 6 years. Jessica has worked in all areas, starting as front-line staff and moving her way to admissions and marketing.

Lacey Garcia
Lacey Garcia

Admissions Liaison

Lacey has worked in the mental health and substance abuse field for the last 4.5 years. She started as a tech, moved to medical and now to admissions and marketing. She started her career in the treatment world after getting sober herself.

neal hopkin
Neal Hopkin

Director of Multimedia Marketing

Neal Hopkin Director of Multimedia Marketing Biography With over a decade of experience in Marketing, Design, and Communications, Neal Hopkin is the Director of Multimedia Marketing for Brighton Recovery Center. Neal finds deep satisfaction in using his marketing knowledge to help people find the path to recovery. As the producer for the center’s Vodcast, Recovery…
Troy Meyer
Troy Meyer

Admissions Liaison/Marketing

Troy has worked in the addiction and mental health field for 5 years. He has worked with both adolescents and adults struggling with mental health and addiction issues.Troy has a lot of compassion and heart for everyone he meets.

therapy dog - utah rehab center

Nallah Katallah Carver is a purebred F1 Goldendoodle. She has been training as a therapy dog from the moment she was released from her litter to assume her position at Brighton Recovery Center.



7:30 AM – Breakfast

9:00 AM – You Are Here
Patients will start their day off with exploring intentions for the day, as well as a mindfulness/meditation activity to help start the day in a recovery centered frame of mind.

10:30 AM – Process Group
Process groups are gender specific some days, and mixed on others to allow for a broad range of perspectives for healing.

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Experiential Therapy
We pride ourselves on the experiential aspect of our treatment program. This group will range from activities in our community garden, healthy living class in our in-house gym to a wide range of on-property activities utilizing the vast 20-acre property.

2:30 PM – Relapse Prevention
Topics will vary- each will focus on a different area essential for long term recovery maintenance

3:30 PM – CBT/DBT
Patients at Brighton Recovery Center will be exposed to multiple evidenced based treatment modalities throughout their time in treatment.

4:30 PM – Independent Work
Each patient will have their own private room and work space to allow them to reflect and internalize concepts learned during the day.

5:00 PM – Dinner

6:30 PM – Step Group
At Brighton Recovery Center we believe connection to the recovery community is vital for long-term success. We will help patients learn what the local recovery community has to offer and assist patients from other areas in learning about their own unique recovery environments.

8:30 PM – You are Here
Patients will all have an opportunity to reflect as a group on their day and assess what goals they had accomplished in relation to intentions set earlier in the day. Patients will be prompted on how their progress relates to their individualized treatment plans.

9:00 PM – Night Meds

11:00 PM – Lights Out



What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

IOP is defined as outpatient treatment that is part-time. Brighton Recovery Center’s IOP is located at a separate site and is designed to be a step down from a higher level of care such as residential treatment or detoxification services. IOP is optimal treatment for people trying to balance their work lives and home lives, but still need a treatment environment for accountability, continued education, processing and peer support. Most IOP meetings are held in the evenings. Brighton Recovery Center offers IOP run by a master’s level clinician on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Attendance during all three days of programming is mandatory to remain in the program.




The process is simple. You contact us via phone at 1.844.479.7035 or email at We listen to your story and gather the information we need to help you begin the recovery process. We take your insurance information and have our experts look in to what your benefits cover and promptly get back to you with a determination of how you should go about coming to us. We will usually recommend an episode in a safe detoxification environment to ensure that you are well cared for before coming to the center. Don’t worry; you won’t be alone. We will be there every step of the way to make sure you have what you need and that you understand what is going on. We will then facilitate your transportation from detox to our center.




  • “Brighton Recovery saved our son’s life. We couldn’t be happier about the program, the classes and the therapists. Brighton had the best treatment to help our son with his addiction. The two days of family training was also helpful in educating us so we could be better prepared to help in the long term recovery help.

    Brighton provided a well-educated, friendly staff and the facility is fabulous. When visiting we felt like we were in a resort with beautiful views and grounds!

    We will forever be grateful to this wonderful program, with such a committed staff that truly cares! Thank you Brighton and staff for teaching us all about addiction recovery!”

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FOR 24 HOUR SERVICE CALL 1.844.479.7035 or fill out the form.