Brighton Recovery Alumni Program

Our goal is to help foster a community that supports long-term recovery, as well as teach individuals how to navigate the complexities of their new, sober lifestyle. We firmly believe that having fun and connecting with a larger community helps in the recovery journey. The Alumni Program is a group that patients automatically join as they graduate from one of our levels of care. Our alumni don’t judge or focus on the past, we only care about what will be done in the future. We are all-inclusive and share the common goal of doing whatever we can to protect and nourish each other.

  • Sunday night alumni 12-step meeting
  • Check-in calls from the alumni team

We continue to check on our patients after they leave, to help maintain accountability as well as empowering them to take charge of their recovery. Our alumni team is also in recovery and has been through the early phases of it. We strive to use our own experiences to help others.

  • Two aftercare meetings per week

Meetings are Tuesday night in Ogden, and Wednesday night in Salt Lake City. For those living outside the state of Utah, our Salt Lake City meeting is also virtual.

  • Monthly recreation outings

Includes Jazz games, Bee’s games, bowling, movies, dinners, lake days, and more.

  • Quarterly big alumni events

Includes camping trips, retreats, and weekend-long events.

  • Large-scale Annual Alumni Reunion

Dinner, reception, games, recovery meeting, and time to honor and remember the people who came before us.

  • Sober sports

Volleyball & softball. The Sober Leagues help strengthen the sober community, teach teamwork, build confidence, have fun, and introduce alumni to the larger sober community in Utah.

  • All events are paid for by Brighton Recovery Center

Alumni will only need transportation. If transportation is a problem, we can also assist in making arrangements.

For more information about our Alumni Program, please feel free to contact us.

Check out our Facebook page for up-to-date information and events.

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