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National Recovery Day – Episode 12

Welcome to Recovery Soapbox, brought to you by Brighton Recovery Center. We are very excited to present a special episode for you today. In this episode, we decided to take the podcast to the people. We set up shop at the National Recovery Day rally in Salt Lake City, Utah, then interviewed anyone and everyone that would take the time. The result is a fascinating compilation of messages from the addiction recovery community.

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Michael Herbert & Jonathan Saul – Episode 11

Michael Herbert & Jonathan Saul – Recovery Podcast Episode 11 Jonathan Saul speaks with Michael Herbert, an internationally recognized clinician, speaker, and leader in addiction treatment. Michael has over 25 years of professional experience in the field of recovery and has helped thousands of people from all parts of the world. It was a pleasure…

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Interventionist Kevin Graves – Episode 10

Interventionist Kevin Graves – Recovery Soapbox Episode 10 Today Josh Hall speaks with interventionist Kevin Graves. Kevin has 20 years of sobriety and has been invaluable in the addiction recovery for countless individuals and their families. Josh and Kevin dive into the process, difficulties, and success of interventions.   There is Hope Interventions: You…

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The Best of Recovery Soapbox – Women in Recovery

Have you watched the Recovery Soapbox vodcast yet? If not, we have put together a short “best of” video for you to get started. This video clip includes some of the best moments in our 3rd episode, “Women in Recovery”. Recovery Soapbox was started as a place to openly discuss drug addiction, alcoholism and recovery. The interest and support for the program has been outstanding and we look forward to all the episodes still to come.

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Women in Recovery 2 – Recovery Soapbox Episode 5

Women in Recovery 2 – Recovery Soapbox Episode 5 In this episode, Mary Jo McMillen of USARA, along with Alisa Wood and Lacey Garcia of Brighton Recovery Center, talk about the Utah recovery community, how to get involved, and important upcoming events. Each of these amazing women have been through substance abuse treatment, have varying years…