Josh Hall

Director of Admissions


As the Director of Admissions, Josh works directly with patients and their families with admissions to Brighton Recovery Center. He is passionate about doing all he can to make sure the transition to Brighton is as comfortable as it can be. He knows what it is like–having gone through treatment himself–and does the best he can to help ease the concern of family and allay the fear, anxiety, and stress that often comes when a loved one is going into treatment.

Josh works with case managers and different clinical teams in Utah and across the United States and is devoted to building relationships in the community. Josh is passionate about what he does because he knows firsthand what recovering from addiction looks like. Josh’s recovery and the way he appreciates his life now began with treatment and he is thankful to work where he can make a difference. In his free time, Josh loves making music, playing guitar and bass guitar. He enjoys learning, reading and exercising.

Josh Hall - Someone who will listen

Video Transcript:

What you can expect, is someone that will listen and help. We are a people first (organization), I am, our whole team is, our culture (is). I have spend many nights on the phone with people that ended up not coming to Brighton. When that admit (phone) line rings we’re there to listen to what is going on and to be a support. Even if they don’t come to Brighton, we are going to help them find a place where they can get the help they need. Again, even if it (the phone) rings at 5:30 in the morning, I pick that phone up. I am tired but I’m immediately centered and focused to listen and to help, because it’s a scary place to be, whither you are a family member, or the actual person that is suffering from addiction. It is important that you have somebody that can listen. For me, having gone through it, and now being on this side, I like to think that I can help and I feel like I have. Again, I’m just grateful.