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Interventionists Recommended by Brighton Recovery Center

•   Michael Herbert
•   Kevin Graves
•   Stephen Wilkins
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Michael Herbert, CAC, CASAC, ICADC, CSFRC

With 25 years of experience in addiction treatment, from intervention to aftercare, Michael’s international work includes teaching addiction counseling at Behman Hospital, Cairo, Egypt, working as a consultant for the Cairo American College and the Maadi Psychological Center, and developing and facilitating self-help groups in North Africa and prevention work in Cape Town South Africa. Domestically, Michael has developed programming for the NY Theological Seminary for Children At Risk, The Dance Theater of Harlem, The New York City Police Department Members Assistance Program (MAP), and director of Inter-Care LTD in New York City. Michael has also consulted with Columbia Tri-Star television. Michael Herbert in his 14-year tenor at the Caron Foundation Florida he has served as a primary therapist, family therapist, and clinical director. Michael has worked at the Mandala Healing Center as their Director of Program Development. Michael is a Certified Professional Interventionist, as well as a national and international addiction counselor. Michael also practices professional coaching, working with individual’s in group, with families and one on one. Michael is a Certified Structured Family Counselor working with families in facilitating their process of recovery.

Michael is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and at the age of 50 became a runner and completed his first ultra marathon which was one hundred fifty five miles across the Sahara desert Michael is a Crossfit enthusiast along with being a proud graduate of the Hoffman Process. Michael is in recovery himself over 28 years.

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Kevin Graves: Professional Interventionist Brief Summary

To paraphrase Frederick Buechner, calling is the place where a person’s deep passion meets the world’s deep need. I feel that way regarding intervention. An unexpected convergence of education, experience, temperament/skill set and opportunity led me into the field in 2005. It was not what I expected to do as a professional, but I found a home.
I received two graduate degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary: An M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy (I have eight years in private practice and was the director of a counseling center); my other degree is an M.A. in Theology (I have been on staff at four churches over the years). I have also worked with at risk youth in the schools.

I am an alcoholic and have 20 years of sobriety/recovering. Having been the subject of an intervention, I am keenly sensitive to using the right approach when intervening on another. For me, the end does not just justify the means.
While the primary objective is to help families and friends get their loved ones into the desired level of treatment, the process also involves working with the team to make the necessary adjustments (behavior, attitude, emotional, perspective, etc.) in preparation. I equip them with the tools, concepts and strategy to have a positive and effective conversation with their loved one. Finally, I have worked to keep my fees accessible so money does not become the primary determinant whether a family can conduct an intervention.

Addendum (two quotes by Frederick Buechner):
“Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”
“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and world’s deep hunger meet”
Kevin Graves, M.A., interventionist
There Is Hope Interventions, LLC.

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Stephen Wilkins

Stephen Wilkins, CAC, Board Certified Interventionist

Stephen Wilkins, founder of the Wilkins Group is a board certified interventionist and worked as a certified addictions counselor. He is a member of the board of directors of The National Center for Intervention. He is the founder of The Wilkins Group as well as a founding member of The Outreach for Recovery, a program through The Archdiocese of Denver to provide direction for families and individuals struggling with substance abuse.

Stephen has provided presentations and training on The Healing Model of Intervention at the Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR) on the campus of The University of Colorado Hospital, The University of Utah School on Alcohol and Drugs, Peer Assistance Services, as well as parents groups and churches across Colorado.

Wilkins Group Team

The Wilkins Group team of experienced interventionists are trained to best meet the needs of any family. They are aware of and responsive to many situations. Often times an addict may have had painful experiences at the hand of a male or a female abuser. This history needs to be considered when choosing an appropriate interventionist. An interventionist must be gender sensitive and take the age of an addict into consideration. Interventionists at the Wilkins Group are aware and are appropriately responsive to each client’s needs and will direct the family towards the best course of action.

Often times the prospect of involving an interventionist can be frightening. The Wilkins Group provides a process that addresses this difficult situation from four directions, education in the disease of addiction, training in some therapeutic method, planning an intervention in accordance to the unique needs of each unique family, and a therapeutic healing effort on behalf of the entire family.

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