Brighton Recovery Center’s free weekly support group is for people who have loved ones struggling with addiction and mental health issues. This codependency group is open to family members only and is focused on an education experience ran by a MASTERS’S LEVEL therapist.

The topics range from an open discussion forums to strategies centered in setting appropriate boundaries, enabling, codependency, and general support.

The group is run every Sunday from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM at our outpatient-counseling center.

6000 S 1075 E, South Ogden, UT 84405  |  (844) 479-7035


By joining this online support group, you agree to following:

I understand that I must be alone in a private room with door closed and locked if possible.

  • The “room” can be anywhere as long as it is private.
  • Inside a coffee shop is not private. But sitting in your car outside  of the business using their free WiFi is private.
  • Many libraries have private study rooms that you can reserve.

Use a headset at all times.

  • When many people are on the meeting, background noise from the many locations can multiply and be distracting.
  • Many walls are not very sound proof and your privacy could be breached if a participant is broadcasting the conversation through speakers.

Instruct Others in My House that I cannot be interrupted.

  • If you cannot lock the door, we suggest hanging a sign on your door reminding your family and children that they cannot walk into the meeting.

Group Privacy

  • Type only your first name when you “join” a group.
  • Talk about where you live in a general way such as “it’s 110 degrees today here in Arizona.”

Never share you telephone or email in group.  If you and another group member want to exchange contact info, ask your coach to setup a meeting with only you two present.