Customized Dual Diagnosis Treatment




Evidenced Based Treatment Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs


We consider active addiction to be a terminal disease. Not only is it life threatening, but it works to terminate everything good in your life too. Brighton Recovery Center’s goal is to individualize treatment to tailor your treatment experience to your needs. Our treatment program is heavily focused on reintegration into all aspects of your life, as it should be- healthy and sober. We base our treatment model on evidence-based practices and an intensive experiential component that offers a hands-on approach to learning and recovery.


Specialized Services

Brighton Recovery Center offers true dual diagnosis healing programs. Dual diagnosis treatment is categorized as treatments which focus on both substance use disorders and mental health issues, simultaneously. Brighton Recovery Center specializes in treating grief, trauma and mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, and other clinically relevant maladies. What sets Brighton apart is the level of expertise we have in each of our centers. We employ a psychiatrist and addiction medicine doctor as the leaders of our medical teams, and master’s level clinicians as our therapists. We are all focused on the same goal: Bringing each individual through a personalized, successful treatment process with dignity, hope, and excellent care.

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