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Brighton Recovery Center Goes Virtual

Brighton Recovery Center Expands Its Service Reach to Meet the Needs of the Unreachable.

Brighton Recovery Center launches Brighton Virtual Services (BVS) to accommodate individuals unable to attend or afford traditional therapeutic outlets.

This new and innovative treatment approach will provide much needed help to an under-served population suffering with a drug or alcohol disorder on a safe, secure, HIPPA compliant platform in the comfort of their home.

“We have to go to them if they are unable to come to us,” says Jonathan Saul, Founder and CEO of Brighton Recovery Center. “If we do not begin to change our approach and truly meet people where they are, we will continue to lose the battle and lives to addiction.”

Brighton Virtual Services clients are paired with licensed therapists and are offered all the advantages of group therapy and individual counseling. Aftercare services are also provided through Brighton Recovery Centers alumni program, which is designed to keep individuals engaged in a recovery community for a lifetime.

For more information on Brighton Virtual Services call (844)-444-7687 or visit

“We have to go to them if they are unable to come to us”

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